Best tips for your trip in California

Image Best tips for your trip in California

Every year, 20 million tourists visit California. It must be said that this state of the Western United States has something to seduce and attract curious minds. Hollywood and its worldwide stars, the sunny sandy beaches skirting Los Angeles, the charming face of San Francisco, the Napa Valley wine which is worth tasting, so many reasons to go for a ride in the Golden State, yes, the Golden State.

Why California?

Rich in discoveries, California is a very beautiful destination. It is a destination that will suit all requirements and all tastes. Indeed, there is the ocean, a culture, big cities, nature, etc. So you can go with family, friends, with your soulmate for a memorable honeymoon, or even just by yourself. Some of the best arguments for going there include:

  • The beautiful and varied landscapes. From natural parks to the Pacific Ocean and gorgeous vineyards but also to the high mountains and the desert: you can find it all in California. It is even possible to go from the desert to the sea or the lowlands to snow-capped mountains in less than two hours.
  •  A heavenly weather. In California, the weather is close to perfection, allowing you to come all year round. However, it is safer to avoid going there in summer because it can be particularly hot. The half-season is optimal for a trip to California.
  • Well-known wine: California is the place where many famous types of wine are produced. The wine route, which leads travelers through acres of vineyards, is one of the most beautiful in the world.
  • Californians, the people of California are welcoming, generous and smiling. One more reason to visit this American state.

Plan your stay

The key to a successful trip is especially planning, and attention to details. If tickets, clothes to wear or money are common subjects in California, we must also take into account a few particular recommendations.

  • Calculate the distances well

California is a great state that stretches over 1,400 km and you will need to calculate your trips if you use the car for your travel between 2 cities, but also within the same city, as is the case for the disproportionate Los Angeles. To give you an idea, it will take you more than 14 hours to connect the north and south of the state.

  •  The wheels in the right direction

If you are going to drive to San Francisco, you will soon notice that it is a very steep city. One of the consequences is that for safety reasons, you will always have to turn the wheels of your vehicle towards the sidewalk if you are in the direction of the descent and towards the road in the opposite direction. Do not joke about it, you may be fined $ 90 if you do not.

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