San Francisco & Los Angeles : impossible to miss !

San Francisco & Los Angeles
Image San Francisco & Los Angeles : impossible to miss !

One of the best destinations suggested by eDreams which is one of the best online travel agencies in the world. California; the most populated of the United States of America; has many to offer to visitors who what to experience and discover various attractions.

San Francisco and Los Angeles are among the best destinations that visitors cannot miss while traveling in California. These sprawling cities are ones of the best attractions that make the beauty of California, America.

Traveling from San Francisco to Los Angeles

Take your rental car and think about the iconic trip. eDreams can help you find and book the best car for your trip. Taking a road trip between San Francisco and Los Angeles is one of the most enjoyable activities in America.

This is because it allows to discover many attractions and interesting things. The trip is led by the Pacific Highway Coast which combines stunning views and funny activities.

Large beaches, incredible mountains, attractive villages are among the best attractions that attract your eyes along the road. Here are the most beautiful places that you should not miss while taking a road trip between San Francisco and Los Angeles: 

  • The city of Santa Barbara 
  • Pismo beach 
  • San Simeon 
  • Carmel-by-the-sea 
  • Monterey Bay

Best about San Francisco

San Francisco has a very important place in California's tourism. This is a very attractive city that many visitors really appreciate while traveling to California. It is the main place of excitement and culture of this American County.

It is also one of the most important places that you cannot miss in the world. Here are some of the best activities that you can do in San Francisco: 

  • Going across the Golden Gate Bridge: It is one of the modern wonders of the world and considered as the longest high bridge. 
  • Visit Golden Gate Park: It is an amazing place in San Francisco where you can give peace to your mind thanks to its calm and romantic overview. It is also a good place for holiday photographs. 
  • Going food shopping at Ferry Building Marketplace, which is a top place for restaurants, grocery stores and snacks. 
  • Go sailing to Alcatraz Island: It is a tiny island with a beautiful view and keeps interesting military history of San Francisco. 
  • Visit Union Square: The most visited neighborhood in SA 
  • Discover the Museum of Modern Art

Best about Los Angeles

Los Angeles has much to offer and visitors have innumerable choices about exciting activities in this beautiful city of California. If you want to enjoy the best of California, it is not possible to miss Los Angeles. Among the best activities in Los Angeles are: 

  • Taking a walk at Venice Beach: a very clear beach with stunning views and fresh air 
  • Exploring Griffith Park: the largest urban park in the city which allows to discover unusual and amazing creatures. 
  • Universal Studios Hollywood: One of the best places in Los Angeles, it is well known as the historic center of cinema studios. 
  • Take a Walk to Santa Monica Pier 
  • Get Arty at The Museum Of Contemporary Art